Sept. Lemons Race @ Thunder Hill

734378_10151714516079010_697452855_n What a success!  Our race at Thunder hill went well with very little hitch.  Only problem that took us out for two hours was with our transmission.

This would be our teams second race.  We had made some drastic improvements to the car since we first drove it here at Thunder Hill.  We changed the stock exhasust to a flow master, added a chip and found some new wheels and tires.  All of the drivers on our team said that the tires gave a new found confidence in driving the car.  An added touch to the Jalopy was having the rear wing.

An interesting story on the rear wing.  One of the driver’s kids was walking home from school near a creek and spotted the wing.  He dragged it up from the creek when his mom said to him “What are you doing?!”, to which he replied, “This is for daddy’s race car!” Each of us thought that the added wing gave some kind draft that helped in steadying the back end.  I think that it might be true.

Our only major hang up was on the transmission.  One of the drivers went out after performing a pit and driver change and complained that the transmission was grinding and slipping.  This was of a concern so we called him into pit.  When we shut off the car and checked out the transmission, the shift lever linkage broke.  It was like taking a piece of metal and bending it back and forth, back and forth till it snapped.  It took over an hour to remove the linkage and pour in new oil into the trans.  A welder onsite was able to piece the broken linkage back together.  This allowed us to get back on the track.  But after having a two hour lay over in the pits, the calculation of our driving time had to be changed.  The last 3 or 4 drivers should have a half hour stint on the track.  The rest of the afternoon on day two was great.  I got the last go around on the track.  A few problems of grinding in fourth gear but I drove it hard, loud and wide open.  Tons of traffic to manage here and there but I was able to squeeze by many.  Below is a video of the last lap of the Lemons race.  At about 1:55, you can see me in the rear view mirror of this car being filmed.  Then at about 2:45, you see the pass on the inside along with a big wreck in front of us.  This was the last lap and I took off from there with a grin and excitement and crossed the checker flag with fist pumps and cheers.

Check out the You tube video of me making the pass on the last lap.



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